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Type Date Speciality Topic Beneficiaries
AConferences13th, 14th, & 15th-Sep-2013AnatomyAnatomy - The Heart of Medical Sciences350
BClinical Meetings01-Oct-2014Neurosurgery1.Brain facts50
2.Recent advances in neurosurgery
24-Jan-2014OBG1.Rare case of A2 – Positive blood group in obstetric haemorrhage50
2.Maternal near miss – An analysis
3.Aggressive angiomyxoma of vulva – A case report
4.Non descent vaginal hysterectomy – Comprehensive study in our institute
02-Jul-2014Microbiology1. Antibiotics stewardship in tertiary care hospital – Dr. Purnima Parthasarathy50
14-Jul-2014Respiratory MedicinePulmonary Rehabilitation – Dr. Suma P, Chief pulmonologist, Excel care diagnostics50
27-Dec-2013Cardiothoracic surgery1. Management of hypertension – ESC guidelines and JNC – 8 – Dr. S.S Ramesh50
2. Cardiothoracic surgery series in Sapthagiri hospital – Dr. Raghu M.G
13-Dec-2013ENT1. The importance of early diagnosis and intervention of speech language disorders - Mrs. Radhika Poovayaa, Director, Samvaad Institute of Speech and Hearing50
2.Latest developments in hearing assessment and rehabilitation – Mr. Suresh, Audiologist
3. Panel discussion
22-Nov-2013Orthopaedics1. Intra – muscular myxoma50
2.Xanthoma of ulna
3.Fractures of shaft of tibia management with interlocking intramedullary nailing
25-Oct-2013General Surgery1.Review of upper G.I endoscopies40
2.Laparoscopic surgeries – Our experience
3.Surgical Emergencies
1. Traumatic pancreatic injury
2. Para dueodenal hernia
4.A case report – Adenocarcinoma of small intestine
16-Jan-2015PediatricsClinical case presentation:40
1.Prematurity in NICU
2.Reemerging infections
3..Diptheria Schmibts Sundroms
CGuest Lectures10-Oct-2012PsychiatryTalk on mind depression & Suicide by Prof, Dr.C.R.Chandrashekar200
14-Oct-2012PaediatricsTalk on childhood cancers by Doctors from HCG.120
25-03-2012OBGLive demonstration of Debulking Operations by Dr.Bafna40
05-Jun-2012OBGLive operative workshop - Extrafacial hysterectomy with lymphnode dissection for a case of endometrial carcinoma by Dr.Bafna.50
15-Mar-2012PaediatricsTalk on allergic Rhinitis 40
17-Jul-2012PaediatricsUse of Spirometry in paediatric practice by pulmonologist 30
06-Feb-2012OrthopaedicsRecent Advances in Bone-Tumors & Management by Dr.Promod Chinder30
24-Jan-2015ENT'ENT Made EASY' by Dr.D.Vijaya Govindarajan30
06-Jan-2012AnatomyBasic Human genetics30
10-Apr-2011PhysiologyHigh Altitude & Pulmonary oedema & Man in Space30
30-Oct-2010OBGLive operative Demonstration of Total Laparocopic Hysterectomy50
07-Jun-2011OBGLive operation demonstration of Radical Hysterectomy for cancer cervix50
11-Apr-2011OBGAudio & Video presentation of Cervarix ( Cancer Cervix Vaccine)50
12-Aug-2011OBGAudio & Video presentation of Nutritional Supplement in IUGR/PIH/lack-pepamino50
31-Jan-2014Research & Academic CommitteeFundamental Principles of Research. 2. Rogersperry's experiments on split brain patients60
21-Feb-2014Research & AcademicSonology - Mother Of Medicine!180
04-Apr-2014OBGHms (Helping Mothers' Survive) - A Fogsi Initiative100
16-May-2014ENTRecent Trends In Head & Neck Malignancy Research Prospective In Cancer In India (Head & Neck Malignancy)120
20-Jul-2014OBGSingle Inscision Laparoscopic Surgery.125
29-Oct-2014Research & Academic CommitteeSRecent trends in Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology.60
22-Jan-2015Medical Education UnitWorkshop on Mentoring by Dr. Tejinder Singh, Professor of Pediatrics, Ludhiana.40
03-Nov-2015General Medicine & Pulmonology"Update on TB"127
17-Apr-2015Community Medicine& MicrobiologyTuberculosis everywhere diagnosis matters HIV Co infection Paediatrics TB, Molecular techniques70
05-Jun-2015General Medicine & PhysiologyBasics of ECG81
25-Nov-2015General MedicineDiabetes update85
29-Apr-2016General MedicineBasic and Approach on ECG139
01-Jun-2016Community MedicineCME on Immunization transition Present & Future176
05-Jun-2016OBGPolemics on Obstetrics210
26-Aug-2011OBGContraceptive benefits of LNGIUS50
18-Nov-2011OBGOperative Demonstration of Enseal Endosurgery- laparoscopic & Laparotomy Hysterectomy50
28-Feb-2014Medical Education UnitBasic Medical Education Workshop – 380
03-Aug-2014Medical Education UnitBasic Medical Education Workshop – 380
Medical Education UnitBasic Medical Education Technology Workshop30
17-Mar-2016MICROBIOLOGYLeadership qualities for medical profession60

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