The college building is a thoughtfully designed structure showcasing the need of a modern specialty hospital; with an adjoining facility with 1070 beds. The seating arrangement in the lecture hall is such that the students get an unhindered view of the faculty and teaching aids from all sides. The teaching hospital offers a range of clinical specialties, modern diagnostic facilities offering integrated care and has all the amenities of an ultra modern hospital. The hospital offers all the modern amenities housed at one destination and is an added advantage to the clinical facilities.

Sapthagiri Hospital is amongst the foremost teaching and medical care providing institutions in India. The medical college is permitted to admit 150 M.B.B.S students each year by Medical Council of India

Backed by excellent staff physicians and resident doctors, the 1070 bedded Teaching hospital provides both basic care and advanced treatment facilities in all fields of medicine and surgery. The institution renders dedicated service – virtually free of cost – mostly to the underprivileged sections of the society. Unremitting zeal, professional competence ensures that the Hospital is thriving on a typical blend of education and service. The faculty is most renowned with experience and academic excellence.

Both these facilities expose the medical students to a holistic approach to medical science and its practice, in both rural and urban areas. The campus has excellent infrastructure, such as state-of-the art labs, equipments, as well as other facilities that collectively provide a professional environment.